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Keep the universe small.

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

"Cutting the space budget really restores my faith in humanity. It eliminates dreams, goals, and ideals and lets us get straight to the business of hate, debauchery, and self-annihilation." -- Johnny Hart

Friday, August 7th, 2009

"I’m struck again by the irony that spaceflight – conceived in the cauldron of nationalistic rivalries and hatreds – brings with it a stunning transnational vision. You spend even a little time contemplating the Earth from orbit and the most deeply ingrained nationalisms begin to erode. They seem the squabbles ...

links for 2008-10-30

Thursday, October 30th, 2008

MTV Music - huge archive of linkable and embeddable music videos. Finally! MTV does something music-related! Roanoke Robotics Society and Club - We actually have a Robotics club in little ol' Roanoke? Very surprising! In fact, they are hosting a robotics competition event at our science museum ...

Scientists discover breakfast on Mars

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

"This image from NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander's Optical Microscope shows a strongly magnetic surface which has scavenged particles from within the microscope enclosure before a sample delivery from the lander's Robotic Arm. The particles correspond to the larger grains seen in fine orange material that makes up most of the ...

Get your ass to Mars!

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Sergey and Larry have released an important announcement: (youtube link)

More astronomologicalful podcastiness

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Followup to my previous post about free astronomy podcasts: The American Astronomical Society just posted a big pile of free audio and video of their astronomy sessions. I can't wait to listen to these! Link

My God. It’s full of stars.

Friday, January 18th, 2008

I recently finished listening to all of the fascinating lectures in the Silicon Valley Astronomy Lectures series of podcasts. I highly recommend these lectures to anyone that has an interest in astronomy and space exploration. I expected these lectures to be very dry, technical, and boring, but for ...

Science is pretty

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

I just saw an awesome video about computer simulations being used for scientific research and visualization. It is an incredible look at how computer simulations are helping us reveal even more of our amazing universe. Click the montage of screencaps to see the video. Or, here's a ...